Welcome to Your Daily Labelツ 

My name is Jaël. I am a mother of two, a boy and a girl. 

Ever since my son was little I dreamed of creating my own kids clothing line. I love comfy, timeless, basic clothes and I found it quite hard to find nice& basic kids clothing  made of good fabrics. 

So I started Your Daily Label!! 

Your Daily label is a clothing line made for children. Quality, comfort and sustainability are  our top priorities. That’s why our collection is made of organic cotton (GOTS certified),  designed and made in the Netherlands. 

Our goal is to make comfy and sustainable clothes for everyone. Organic cotton ensures less  CO2 emissions and is free of any harmful substances. The cotton and clothes are made  without any involvement of child labour, and the work environment for the workers involved in  the production are good! 

Sustainability is the future! 

The designs and fine fabrics are made to be worn every day for any activity. The clothing  from Your Daily Label is timeless and for the most part unisex. 

We want to radiate joy and freedom with our brand. A brand for everyone! I hope you love everything as much as I do! 

With love,